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Back in August 2002, when was formed by Christian Korfitz Berg Gregersen and Søren Jacob Jensen, it started out with a couple of co-located servers at a small provider in Aarhus (Denmark) called NM Net, powered by a 45 Mbit connection.

In the first quarter of 2003 expanded with a dedicated server at FDCServers in Chicago (USA) to be able to provide services from multiple locations. This provider also had the advantage of having a "loose" IRC policy, allowing IRC-hosting, which most providers back then didn't support.

For technical reasons had to leave the NM Net network around December 2003. obtained its own connection, also in Aarhus, from This unfortunately didn't last long. After 11 months of dissatisfaction with the service provided by the connection was closed and the decision was made to move the Danish activities back to NM Net, which by then had grown in size and had obtained faster and better internet connectivity.

Early 2005 a co-located server was added in Copenhagen (Denmark) through the Danish provider CS-Hosting. The decision was made to leave the FDCServers network in Chicago and focus on the activities in Denmark. Serveral servers were added to the Copenhagen location after that.

Since 2005 has been using NM Net and CS-Hosting as the providers for its services. In the years after that things have been running smooth and has been able to provide quality services on professional connections, using professional equipment, by the help of its very dedicated staff.

In the second quarter of 2010 started consolidating many of its co-located servers into one powerful platform, hosted in Aarhus, giving the ability to maintain its services even better and at the same time provide exciting new services.

As of June 2010 is able to provide services such as:

  • psyBNC bouncers
  • Personal shells
  • Eggdrop bots
  • Energymech bots
  • Hosted mIRC clients
  • Private and lots of public vhosts
+ 2018-01-05 00:00 +
The end of the road...
After almost 15 years in business, we have decided to close down The reason behind the decision is that providing mainly IRC services is no longer a business with a huge marke...
+ 2017-02-01 18:37 +
Scheduled maintenance 2017-02-03
We have scheduled maintenance this upcoming Friday at 23:00 CET.
We expect the maintenance to last until around 1:00 CET, but no longer than 4:00 CET.

Sorry for the inc...
+ 2015-08-08 04:45 +
Scheduled maintenance update
The scheduled maintenance took a bit longer than expected due to some hardware issues.
Replacing the bad part took longer than expected, but the issue should have been resolved.
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